Strategic partner


Farmdo is one of the most prestigious businesses in Japan in the field of hi-tech agriculture combining solar energy.

Begin with traditional agricultural cultivation and production, Farmdo has rapidly transformed and innovated to keep up with the demands of the modern socio-economic trends in Japan. In response to the call for energy conservation and environmental protection of Japanese Government, from 2011, Farmdo has researched and successfully applied the agricultural technology combining solar energy generation. The company is planning to invest and expand its agricultural and energy farm model in many Asian countries. The cooperation with FLC FAM is Farmdo’s first commercial affair that involves contracting with a business in Vietnam.

People’s Committee of Dong Thap Province

FLC FAM signed a cooperation agreement with Dong Thap Province in building, protecting and distributing Cao Lanh Mango with the aim of raising the value and creating a firm position for mango in particular and Vietnam’s agricultural products in general in the international market, moving towards joining the global value chain.

Apart from the introduction and consumption of Cao Lanh Mango at FLC events, in resorts and on Bamboo Airways flights, FLC FAM will also develop its own brand identity system to distribute the total output of Cao Lanh Mango of Dong Thap Province to the market under the brand name of FLC FAM.

With the advantage of hi-tech agriculture, FLC FAM will cooperate with Dong Thap Province to apply the large-scale and synchronous clean mango production process in practice, offering the highest quality products to the domestic market and for exporting.